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The Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging Department provides complete Digital Diagnostic Imaging services not just to patients and clinicians at Burjeel Medical Centre but also outside consultants and specialists.

Our team of international experts, consultants, specialists and highly trained technical staff are service-oriented and aim to deliver the Highest Standards of Patient Care that's quick and accurate.

Diagnostic Imaging is carried out in a comfortable, stylish and private setting. More about this is discussed below.

Services include:

  • MRI Scanning
  • CT Scanning
  • Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • General Radiography (X-Ray)
  • BMD (Bone Mineral Density)
  • OPG (Ortho-Pantogram)
  • Fluoroscopy - Barium/Contrast Imaging
  • Mammography and Breast Imaging
  • Mobile Radiography
  • Mobile C - arm Fluoroscopy
  • Cardiovascular Lab